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1. The Podcasters Show Sheet and Show Planner
2. The Presenters Check List
3. The Producers Check List.  

Three tools to help you build your podcast and get, keep and grow your audience.

Created by a media professional and used by podcasters, presenters and producers.

I've been producing simple to use Show Sheets for radio presenters for years, as well as check lists for shows.  They work every time - and yours will be easy to change... It's in word format so you can adjust headers, titles and tick off sections...  I've also included some free scripting hints and tips too. 

I use the Podcasters Show Sheet on my Podcast - Radio Skills for Podcasters...  

Why use a show sheet?
  • Script key segments so you get it right first time.
  • Bullet key points you aim to get across to your listener.
  • Build your show notes ready for Wordpress.
  • Helps to keep your thoughts organised.
  • Keep a time signature of edits needed - ideal if sending off to your producer or editor.
  • Helps you build your Podcast work flow in the planning and delivery section.

I know I'd want one of these if I was starting out or if I'd been podcasting for a while.
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Thanks and enjoy

Kevin Field
Radio Skills for Podcasters
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